Monday, April 4, 2011

Did you see the horses?

The Carolina Cup steeplechase is an age old tradition in South Carolina. It is an all day affair. The belles wear their best dresses and of course big hats and the beaus look handsome in their bow ties (and boy did they!). If you're from Camden or grew up going to the races like myself, you take the family silver and china and picnic by the track. As for the collegiate crowd, its one big, fun tailgate. I love the Carolina Cup and it was great seeing all of my friends from other colleges gather together in College Park. There's only 364 more days until I get to do it all again and I can't wait! 

People often joke that they went to Cup and had so much fun that they didn't even see a horse. For those of you who went to Cup, did you see a race? I was determined to see a race before I left the track yesterday. So did I see any races? You bet I did! :) 

John, Myself and Stephen

Katie of Let's Be Preppy and Colleen- two of my best friends

I had to include this picture of Derek and I because his jacket was just so great! Great choice for Cup Derek! 

Me and my good friend Joe, USC Student Body President 

Bailee and Caroline

What are your Carolina Cup memories?