Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Extra! Extra!

read. all. about. it.

So its summer and I've come to realize that I can only look at Facebook for so long. Therefore, I decided to get a library card. Now that I have all this free time I can actually read books that I want to read. I've made myself a summer reading list. Here's what made the cut:

Currently Reading:
I just picked this book up today and so far it is a pretty good, easy read. The story is based off of three sisters in Nantucket who learn to overcome their hardships through their love and friendship for each other. More to come on this read. 

Next on my list:
I saw this book on fellow blogger's page, the College Prepster. Fly Away Home is the story of a mother and her two daughters and the relationship they forge when their lives each take unexpected turns. 

I cannot wait to read this book! This is a compilation of all of the best words of wisdom Katie Couric has received during her career. 

I remember seeing the trailer for this film over the holidays and decided that before I see the movie, I want to read the book first. Well now that I actually have time to read, I can't wait to pick up this novel and finally watch the movie!

I also can't wait to start reading the Lowcountry Series by Dorothea Benton Frank. All of her novels are set here, in South Carolina and its so neat to read a novel set in my home state. 

What are you reading this summer?